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Baja: Edge of Control is a rarely seen off-road racing simulator, which is why it’s a shame the unexplored genre is discredited with this lackluster title.

We like

  • Great customization
  • Ton of vehicle choices
  • Wide open terrain

We dislike

  • Unrealistic AI
  • Unbalanced gameplay
  • No visual appeal

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(continued from previous page) ...also be fine tuned with over 200 manufactured parts. This customization will enable you to gain better control of your vehicle and hopefully your grasp over the title. There are seven total areas that can be tweaked and upgraded, several of which include your springs, brakes, shocks, gearing and transmission.

Visually speaking, Baja seems to be lost in transit, as Edge of Control gives off the impression that it's a last generation title rather than a current generation product. Your vehicle starts off by looking like a bland slab of metal, but slowly turns into a foray of colors as the result of advertisement deals. The environment around you may look nice and may provide the occasional Kodak moment, but the rest of the title is nothing to be proud of. 2XL should have taken a bit more time in the production of content and focused more on gameplay and perhaps visual appeal.


Baja: Edge of Control also features a multiplayer facet. Not only does the game feature full 10-player online gameplay, but also 4-player splitscreen offline play as well. The lag during races was very limited; the game ran as smooth online as it did offline the majority of the time. However, the online arena wasn’t brimming with players like you’d want it too.

THQ and 2XL had a strong possibility of turning off-road racing simulation in a respected sub-genre of driving games. However, I feel they tried to do a little too much overall, which definitely harmed a lot of the key aspects that make a racing title great, primarily maintaining a competitive atmosphere without unnecessary frustration. Sadly, they didn’t capitalize on the potential and gamers were “stuck” with a mid-level game worthy of a rental at most.

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