Blitz: The League II Review

  • Posted October 19th, 2008 at 20:15 EDT by

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Blitz: The League II

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Blitz: The League II disappoints on almost every level, leaving gamers praying to be tackled by Lawrence Taylor himself rather than being forced to play the game.

We like

  • Presentation is entertaining
  • Steroid use is always fun
  • Mini-games are a nice change of pace

We dislike

  • Poor visuals
  • Gameplay has too many flaws
  • Lack of replayability

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(continued from previous page) are fun, the defense suffers due to an overpowered offensive.

Blitz: The League II is nothing more than an underwhelming entry into the arcade sports genre. With poor gameplay, repetitive announcing and subpar visuals, gamers have no reason to purchase Blitz over the great AAA titles available this Fall.

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