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Despite being over a year old, Rapture shines through the dark sea like a lighthouse on a foggy night. 2K Games has delivered on its promise in providing PS3 owners with an equally impressive port as the original.

We like

  • Visually mesmerizing
  • Unique gameplay experience
  • A story worth living

We dislike

  • Framerate hitches
  • Collision detection can prove frustrating

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(continued from previous page) ...a fit of rage later on in Rapture. However, those of you who take advantage of the plasmid system will find that this helps balance things out a little, saving you both money and ammunition in the process.

Another exclusive element to the PlayStation that is not yet available is the Challenge Rooms. These rooms, which will be available through downloadable content next month, place you in new sections of Rapture where your goal is to rescue a Little Sister. One of the most impressive things about these Rooms is how interactive the environment is overall. A prime example of this is the carnival room where you can actually take part in certain mini-games to score more EVE (plasmid juice) or life vials.

Sadly, on the technical front, a number of glaring issues from the Xbox 360 version still remain very much in tact. Why these haven’t been corrected in a year old port escapes me, but it’s definitely not excusable. The occasional poor collision detection is still evident, and proves especially troublesome when you find an item on the ground that you can’t acquire. Another prominent issue from the 360 version is the slowdown in framerate. This is at its worst when the screen is occupied by a large number of enemies and numerous effects (such as explosions) are taking place, and can take a few seconds to repair, nullifying the immersion factor somewhat.

As mentioned previously, the art direction in particular is exquisite and provides the backdrop for Rapture’s unrivalled atmosphere, with subtle details such as rushing water and neo lights only adding to the overall immersive qualities of the game. Whether it’s the brooding, darker areas of the forgotten city or the bright lights that surround them, Rapture is quite simply a world you have to experience.

Rapture is a breathtaking world that should be shared and enjoyed by every self-respecting gamer out there. From the stunning visuals to the unique gameplay on offer, BioShock delivers something that not many other games can – an unforgettable experience. Hiccups aside, this is an absolute must have title for every PS3 owner out there.

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