EA reveals Dead Space DLC

Electronic Arts has unveiled a slew of downloadable content for its popular sci-fi space romp, Dead Space.

Available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe from November 13, the Dead Space Premium Upgrade Packs allow users to download all-new skins for the game’s existing supply of Necromorph dismembering weaponry.

Folks across the pond will have access to these snazzy new licks of paint from November 20.

See below for a full list of content available.

- - - - - - -

Astronaut Pack: Download the Astronaut Suit and Weapon Skin Pack, featuring an amazing Astronaut Suit and new skins for the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, and Ripper!
– $3.00 / 240 MS points

Big Gun Pack: Download the Steam Punk Force Gun, the ultimate in Necromorph-killing destruction.
– $1.00 / 80 MS points

Heavy Damage Pack: Download the Heavy Damage Weapon pack featuring a cool new look and massive firepower for the Plasma Cutter, Contact Beam, Pulse Rifle, and Ripper.
– $3.00 / 240 MS points

Hot Rod Pack: Download the Hot Rod Weapon Skin Pack, featuring awesome flame graphics for the Flamethrower and Pulse Rifle.
– $1.00 / 80 MS points

Military Pack: Download the Military Weapon Pack for a new look and enhanced power for all 7 Dead Space weapons.
– $4.00 / 320 MS points

Pedestrian Pack: Download the Pedestrian Weapon Skin Pack, featuring a fresh new look for the Contact Beam, Plasma Cutter, and Ripper.
– $1.50 / 120 MS points

Scorpion Pack: Download the Scorpion Pack featuring an upgraded Level 5 Suit and powered up Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, and Force Gun, all decorated in an awesome red Scorpion Skin.
– $4.00 / 320 MS points

Scorpion Weapon Pack: Download the Scorpion Weapon Pack featuring a faster death-dealing Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, and Force Gun in awesome red skins.
– $2.25 / 180 MS points

Speed Kills Pack: Download the Speed Kills Weapon Pack! Includes faster-firing Force Gun, Line Gun, and Plasma Cutter.
– $2.25 / 180 MS points

Tank Pack: Download the Tank Pack featuring an upgraded Level 5 Suit and powered up Flamethrower, Force Gun, and Line Gun, all covered in Unitology script.
– $4.00 / 320 MS points

In addition to the above, PlayStation 3 owners will also be able to download the following exclusive packs:

Obsidian Weapon Skin Pack: Download the exclusive Obsidian Weapon Skin Pack now, available only for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. Includes weapon skins in jet-black PLAYSTATION 3 colors for the Line Gun, Plasma Cutter, and Pulse Rifle.
– $1.50

Obsidian Pack: Download the exclusive Obsidian Suit and Weapon Skin Pack now, available only for the PLAYSTATION®3! Includes an upgraded Level 5 suit, and weapon skins for the Line Gun, Plasma Cutter, and Pulse Rifle, all in jet-black PLAYSTATION®3 colors.
– $3.00

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