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We've had a blast playing MK vs. DC Universe, despite its uninspired storyline.

We like

  • Comic-book humor may appeal to DC Universe fans
  • Fast-paced entertaining fights
  • Great new in-fight features

We dislike

  • Some pitiful excuses for starting fights
  • Didn't see any fatalities from A.I.
  • Lack of game modes

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(continued from previous page) of the highlights of MK vs. DC and the addition of DC Universe roster helps to freshen things up considerably. The Joker is a great character to play with, offering an arsenal of effective and funny moves, such as the ‘laughing fist’ where he holds a buzzer out to shake your hand and then electrocutes you when you grab hold of it, or when he launches a boxing glove on a spring from under his jacket. Equally, you've got the likes of Superman's ‘soaring knockout’ and ‘heat vision’ or Green Lantern's powerful ‘hammer smash’ to take advantage of. Mortal Kombat fans will also be glad to see a return of some familiar fatalities, such as Raiden’s electrocution and Lui Kang MK1 arcade machine drop.

However, despite a heavy emphasis before launch on fatalities, it's disappointing that throughout our whole single player story mode experience we didn’t once see our opponent use a fatality on us. Even more incredible is that fatality moves aren’t revealed in your moves list, so unless you can be bothered to search around, you’ll have to guess which buttons to press. We jumped on the Net and printed off a whole moves list, otherwise we would have had no idea how to pull them off. Considering that fatalities have always played a major part in the Mortal Kombat series it just seems strange that they've been omitted from the in-game moves list and that we didn’t see any of our enemies attempt to try one out. Still, if you can be bothered to grab the list and practice, the satisfaction of performing Kitana's 'Kiss of Death' or Deathstroke's gun-shot to the head is worth the effort.

After playing MK vs. DC intensely over the last few days though, completing the two story-modes in little over 5 hours respectively, we doubt we’ll be putting in any more effort into mastering the moves of the 22 fighters. That's not to say we haven't enjoyed it. The appealing character roster and the range of entertaining moves on offer, coupled with some decent new in-fight features, have made it an entertaining experience. Even its wishy-washy storyline, poor ending and the lame excuses given for why these two sets of characters are fighting against each other, have kept us strangely amused. However, there’s little replay value for us now that we've completed story mode, even with the rudimentary arcade mode. If you’re a dab hand at fighting games, however, and are willing to go that extra mile to learn all the moves then you’ll probably get something out of challenging like-minded folk online. We just get our ass kicked time and time again by experts. Is MK vs. DC Universe worth dipping into your pockets and buying for its single player experience though? Yes, most definitely. The DC Universe characters have certainly added something to the series and even if you start off thinking, like we did, how rubbish story mode actually is, you'll oddly end up enjoying it.

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