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Flower blooms then wilts away.

We like

  • The excellent implementation of the Sixaxis controller
  • The vibrant visuals in the first three levels
  • The flowing and hypnotic gameplay

We dislike

  • The sudden thematic shift after the third level
  • Having only two hours of gameplay with little replay value

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(continued from previous page) ...relaxing scenes that you’ve just enjoyed, which is where, for me, Flower loses its charm and appeal somewhat.

During the first three levels, Flower looks great, with blades of grass swaying gently in the wind and parting realistically when you come swooping down through them, while the stunning sunsets and cloud-filled skies create a memorable backdrop. The way that the range of different colored flowers brings the whole world to life and turns dull environments into beautiful landscapes is also an impressive sight, but the game loses its visual appeal in the latter levels. New gameplay elements come into play, where you need to circle around bales of hay -- that don't actually look like hay -- and interact with man-made objects, such as streetlamps, wind machines, pylons, and high rise buildings. The developer has deliberately lured you into a false sense a security, perhaps to emphasize how man has ruined nature, but these latter levels haven't been handled as well as the initial scenes and graphically don't compare. It’s a good idea, but it makes Flower feel a little disjointed and it spoils the serenity that was so expertly crafted early on. It just doesn’t create the same impact on your senses.

It actually all comes as a bit of a surprise. The fourth level in Flower takes place at night-time with rain lashing down, while the last level takes part in the city. Under the cover of darkness your petal gets charged with electricity and thus glows brightly. It’s up to you to follow patterns in the fields, moving and tilting your controller to turn on street lamps or circle hay bales. There are still flowers to open up, but this time they don’t create a melody, but instead sound out a discord of notes that jar the ear. Pleasant scenes are replaced by tasks such as turning off the electricity of fallen broken pylons that knock you back and singe your petals should you bump into them. While the last two levels do open up new gameplay elements, such as having to smash into scaffolding attached to buildings, and it does offer a sudden change of direction that will undoubtedly appeal to those who were hoping for more than just collecting flowers, it's just not as much fun and will come as a disappointment to those expecting to see more stunning locations.

Flower is set to divide the PS3 community. Some will love it, others will hate it and others still, like me, will think it’s alright. Unless further downloadable content is planned though, it’s not a game that you’ll revisit once you’ve had your two hours worth of fun. There's no reason to go back to Flower other than to show visitors how cool the Sixaxis controller is and how well it has been implemented. With a price of $9.99 USD (6.29 GBP), it’s cheap enough to warrant giving Flower a shot. Ultimately, it’s an evening worth of entertainment and you’ll probably be satisfied with the result. Just don’t expect to be talking about Flower or playing it beyond the next couple of weeks.

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