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MLB 09: The Show improves on enough aspects of its predecessor to warrant its yearly purchase. With advancements in the Road to the Show and Franchise modes, gamers will be playing this title all year.

We like

  • The new training modes for Road to the Show
  • The hot shot and bobble fielding situations
  • The lighting and precise detail of the stadiums

We dislike

  • That online play isn’t as fluid as it needs to be right now

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(continued from previous page) ...a certain walk-up song before he bats. All of these things can now be done within The Show. The developers have included great additions to the game like Fan Yells & Chants and Custom Music. This means you can take any song from your HDD and use it within the game to create your own custom stadium music. It’s also neat to throw in your own cheers and chants that you have thought up yourself,but it’s always cool to add realistic chants for players like Alex Fraudriguez as well.

As for taking your game online, you may want to wait a couple of weeks. As it stands now, the game online is somewhat buggy and laggy. While this may not be an issue for the pure baseball fan who is willing to withstand anything to prove his dominance, it’s still very annoying. Unfortunately, because of this, it’s hard for us to give accurate online impressions for this title. If last year’s title is any indicator, these issues should be patched up quickly.

Visually, MLB 09: The Show is the most stunning sports title to date. The lighting techniques are outstanding within each intricately detailed stadium and the player models are all top notch. As far as we’re concerned, some MLB mothers may even have trouble telling the difference between her real son and his virtual counterpart. Player animations are fluid and branching, and shin guards no longer seem to float in the air behind players' calves. When all is said and done, MLB 09: The Show offers a sense of fluidity and eye-candy that just hasn’t been seen before.


Much like the baseball season, fans are going to look back on this title as one of the best in recent memory. The experience it brings is rich and genuine, and -- as corny as this sounds -- it feels like you're right there in the ballpark. MLB 09: The Show will go down as a classic envisioning of American's favorite pastime.

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