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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an insanely addictive action RPG.

We like

  • The depth of the combat
  • The varied bestiary
  • Joining friends on four-player quests

We dislike

  • The glaring omission of online multiplayer
  • The frequent load times

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(continued from previous page) there is in Japan. Social hand-held gaming in the U.S. and Europe is largely faceless, an activity confined to gamers’ living rooms and bedrooms where there’s an Internet connection. In fact, you’re more likely to get mugged getting your hand-held out in public than to find a like-minded gamer to join your lobby for a spot of monster hunting. It’s a crying shame that Freedom Unite doesn’t offer true online functionality, because the four-player questing is absolutely brilliant. So, the bad news is that unless you’ve got a bunch of mates willing to join you around your house, your Monster Hunter experience is going to be a lonely one.

Still, with demanding and fun combat mechanics and a huge index of items, weapon types, armor, beasts, and quests, Freedom Unite will delight RPG gamers seeking a real challenge. With hundreds of hours worth of gameplay waiting for you, it’s an RPG that's meant to be played at a slow pace, though the frequent load times slow it down a bit more than we would have liked. In short: if you’re expecting a quick thrill here, you won’t find it. Freedom Unite is for those who wish to master new skills with patience and hard work. It can be tough to get going, but Freedom Unite won’t disappoint anyone who spends some quality time with it.

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