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Battlefield 1943
Battlefield: 1943
Sub Genre:
Historic First Person
Release Date (US):
July 9th, 2009
Release Date (UK):
July 9th, 2009
Online Players:
Electronic Arts
DICE Sweden
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
1015 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PSN:
87 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

About Battlefield 1943

Using the acclaimed Frostbite engine, Battlefield 1943 takes players back to WWII to re-experience some of the legendary battles that kicked off the Battlefield franchise. The game offers endless hours of 24 player multiplayer action over three classic and tropic locations; Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. Delivering the award-winning through-the-gun and vehicle warfare online experience DICE is best recognized for, Battlefield 1943 will have players battling in ruthless aerial dog fights and intense trench combat.



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Great things come in small packages. The greatest shooter to hit the PlayStation Network.

We like

  • The intensity of the battles
  • How teamwork ultimately wins the day
  • The wide range of vehicles, classes, and well-balanced weapons

We dislike

  • The shortage of maps and game modes
  • The PS3 voice-chat issue

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Battlefield 1943 is a unique entry in the world of videogames. Costing just $15 USD (£10) and weighing in at a meager 565 MB, DICE Studio’s downloadable multiplayer shooter features just three maps, three classes and one game mode, yet it has the look and feel of a big budget game, playing host to 24 players online and giving wannabe-soldiers access to a range of impressive World War II vehicles. Battlefield 1943 m...

Battlefield 1943 News

  • PS3 Battlefield 3 owners: how to claim your copy of Battlefield 1943

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that PlayStation 3 owners in Europe will be able to claim their free download code for Battlefield 1943 this weekend. The publisher previously confirmed at E3 that it would be offering a free copy of the World War II-based actioner with every new copy of Battlefield 3 ...

  • Top ten PSN downloads for July 2009 unveiled

    The latest episode of PlayStation Pulse has revealed that WWII romp Battlefield 1943 has, unsurprisingly, taken the crown as the most downloaded title on PlayStation Network for July 2009. Hot on its heels is Square’s marvellous retro RPG outing Final Fantasy VII, while elsewhere in the top...

  • Battlefield 1943 is fastest-selling game on PSN

    Game developers of the world, EA has a lesson for you: gamers will pay for high-end downloadable games as long as they're worth the money. The excellent Battlefield 1943 has amassed over 600,000 downloads on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace since its launch two weeks ago, and has...

  • Battlefield: 1943 E3 09 Coral Sea trailer

    Electronic Arts has whipped the covers off the official E3 2009 trailer for World War II combat romp, Battlefield 1943: Pacific. The trailer itself focuses on promoting the unlockable ‘Coral Sea’ dogfight map, which players can access once specific conditions are met during the main ...

Battlefield 1943 Features

  • Game of the Month: July 2009

    In this notoriously slow period in the gaming calendar, as developers busily iron out kinks in their games and publishers sharpen their pencils ready for the media onslaught in the four month lead up to the busy holiday period, there’s only been two contenders that could have received July&rsq...

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