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Modern Warfare 2 is an essential purchase regardless of your affiliation with the Call of Duty brand. In short, buy this game now. That is an order, soldier.

We like

  • The stunning visuals
  • The gripping narrative and action-packed campaign
  • The utterly brilliant Special Ops and Multiplayer modes

We dislike

  • The fact the main campaign mode is over too quickly

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(continued from previous page) ...a gold star, which are in turn utilized to unlock further mission sets.

What’s more, the game rewards hardship, with additional stars unlocked if you’re able to crack the higher difficulties or plow through your objectives in record time. Teaming up with a mate is the best way to go, though, and the sense of accomplishment is practically overwhelming when you successfully coordinate your efforts with your partner and subvert the enemy’s plans (one of our favourite was assisting our ground-bound friend by unleashing terror from above in the mighty AC-130 gunship). Ironically enough, however, it’s the fact that Special Ops proved such a competent affair that we felt disappointed at the lack of a genuine co-op campaign, as you realize just how great it could have been. Still, fingers crossed for Modern Warfare 3, eh? Speaking of the campaign, it’s woefully short, though it remains such a challenging, action-packed affair that you’ll want to plough through it multiple times over, especially on the higher difficulties. Enemy laptops containing varous intelligence also make a return, affording ample replay value if you are to unlock all the hidden goodies on offer.

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer component remains as compelling and horrendously addictive as past iterations, albeit this time with a few new twists. Your basic game modes remain in tact, whether it’s the mammoth kill spree of Free For All or the strategic-based operations of Capture the Flag. We were chuffed to bits, however, that Infinity Ward saw fit to tweak certain parameters, such as the fact matches no longer unceremoniously crash to a halt if the host ups and leaves. Perks once again form the nucleus of online play, encouraging copious amounts of playtime in order to rack up experience points and bolster your character with bonus items and weapons. Fresh ideas this time around include the ability to play in third-person mode under certain conditions, heaps of new weapons and equipment, along with over a dozen new kill streak awards (predator strikes, calling in air support among others) Don’t get us wrong; while the campaign and Special Ops will provide hours worth of enjoyment, it’s ultimately the multiplayer that’ll eat up most of your time and ensure the game remains firmly embedded in your PS3 well in to 2010. In short, it’s one of the most compelling, rewarding online experiences you’ll indulge in this year. Indeed, we spent virtually an entire weekend playing the game, and have only just scratched the surface.

Infinity Ward’s impeccable coding also extends to Modern Warfare 2’s visuals and sound effects, with the scope of detail injected in to the game’s battlefields nothing short of impressive. Explosions kick up clouds of dust obscuring your view, wrecked cars lie burning in the street, and crumbling buildings hang precariously on their foundations as the roar of gunfire and vociferous radio chatter fills the air as you press forward the assault. As with the original Modern Warfare, voice acting is also top notch and remains a consistent affair throughout, particularly Captain Price and Soap, voiced by Billy Murray and Kevin McKidd, respectively. Meanwhile, Hans Zimmerman’s pulse-pounding score is the perfect stable mate for your adrenaline-filled antics, injecting everything from heart-thumping intensity to gut-wrenching poignancy in accordance to what’s transpiring on screen.

As a sequel, Modern Warfare 2 is more than a worthy successor to its critically acclaimed predecessor. Viewed as a standalone effort, it’s probably one of the most accomplished video games we’ve dissected in years, and one of the most beautiful to boot. Whether it’s the gripping campaign, pulse-pounding multiplayer or immensely rewarding Special Ops, Modern Warfare 2 is an essential purchase regardless of your affiliation with the Call of Duty brand. In short, buy this game now – and that’s an order, soldier. 

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