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Buzz! Quiz World
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November 10th, 2009
Release Date (UK):
October 30th, 2009
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Relentless Software
T [Teen]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available for PSP; requires Buzz! Wireless controllers for the PS3.

About Buzz! Quiz World

BUZZ! Quiz World for PS3 tests players trivia talent with over 5,000 new questions, enhanced online multiplayer Sofa vs. Sofa action, and exciting new rounds and characters, all in a glitzy new TV-studio setting. Utilizing the fun and easy-to-use BUZZ! Wireless Buzzers helps players to top off this totally immersive quiz show experience.



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Despite its slow pacing and simplicity, Buzz! Quiz World is a terrific sequel and makes for an ideal purchase for trivia aficionados.

We like

  • The improved graphical presentation and polish
  • The verbal name recognition
  • Playing locally or online with up to eight players

We dislike

  • The painfully slow pacing
  • The relatively easy questions

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Trivia buffs are likely familiar with Sony’s Buzz franchise, including the obnoxious host who bares the same name as the game. If you have a group of friends who frequent trivia nights at local bars, you may instead want to give the latest addition in the series, Buzz! Quiz World, a shot and test your knowledge at some 5,000 questions crammed on to a single Blu-ray disc. By now, you should know whether or not a trivia ga...

Buzz! Quiz World News

  • Try our PlayStation Universe Trivia Quiz in Buzz! Quiz World

      Hello PlayStation Faithful, do you like trivia? Do you own Buzz Quiz World? If yes, continue reading from the next paragraph. If not, then please do yourself a favor and at least try it out, as it stands to be one of my favorite party games next to Rock Band to this day. For those that don'...

  • BUZZ! gets the Facebook treatment

    Remember hearing about how the PlayStation Network will have Facebook integration? Well, the first console game to get true Facebook publishing is Buzz! Quiz World. If you are comfortable enough with your trivia obsession, a patch will allow your friends on ‘Book to see all your Buzz! updates....

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