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There is a lot to like about this bizarre world, but beware: Yakuza 3 is an acquired taste that you will either want spit out, or have another sip off

We like

  • The artistic style and impressive game world
  • The intuitive combat system with built-in cinematic flair
  • Expecting the unexpected

We dislike

  • Having to read so much text
  • When fights interrupt doing the other cool stuff

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(continued from previous page) .../> Yakuza 3 offers so much else besides combat with fairly open wide locations to explore where you get to chat with NPCs, pick up dozens of sub-quests and partake in many different mini-games. Just to give you an idea of the scale, we've currently spent approximately 15 hours in the world of Yakuza yet have only completed 12% of the game. That's because there are so many sub-quests and mini-games that add to that tally. To complete the game 100% is going to take a serious investment of time, something that will either appeal to you, or put you off totally. Sub-quests can be mundane and repetitive and the mini-games, despite being an enjoyable respite from the fight sequences, are purely simplified versions of games such as Golf, Billiards or Bowling. There's nothing amazing about them, they just exist in this crazy world, but for whatever reason we've thoroughly enjoyed having relaxing game of Darts after unleashing our fury on some punks. You see, despite its oddness, Yakuza 3 has charm and spending time in its company is actually a very pleasant way to wile away the hours, even with the violence.

Yakuza 3 delivers an impressive world ripe for exploration, full of artistic style and wonderfully designed characters, Japanese humour and sub-culture. At times it can be a real drag due to its slow pace and text heavy storyline; and it can also be frustrating, especially when you're on your way to pick up a sub-quest or just want to explore when yet another bunch of punks stops you in the street to pick a fight for absolutely no reason. You can't deny, however, that it delivers a unique and engaging experience.

There's no question that the world of Yakuza is a fascinating place to be and a lot different from possibly any other game you're going to play this year; and we like that. If you've played Yakuza before you'll know exactly what to expect, it's simply more of the same. If you happen to be a newcomer to the franchise, however, then bring with you an open mind, give it time, and though it's sure to test your patience, you may just find yourself, as we did, falling in love with its weird and wonderful world and explosive fight sequences.

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