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  • Posted September 15th, 2010 at 14:02 EDT by Adam Dolge

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Sports Champions provides a terrific introduction to Move for both hardcore and casual gamers. The game is at its best when played with others; however, the single-player experience leaves a bit to be desired.

We like

  • The precise and captivating gameplay
  • The easy learning-curve, rendering the game quite accessible
  • The fact all six mini-games are unique and a joy to play

We dislike

  • The lacklustre single-player experience
  • The subpar visuals and audio
  • The repetitive nature found in some of the games

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(continued from previous page) gladiator dual work fairly well, but we found the most flaws in this mini-game. Nonetheless, Gladiator dual will likely keep fighting fans around for quite some time; after all, who doesn’t want to square off against a friend?

Gladiator dual can be played with one or two Move controllers. In fact, every mini-game requires only one Move controller; however, archery, gladiator dual, and beach volleyball all allow you to use two. There is quite a difference playing these three games with two Move controllers as opposed to one, especially in gladiator dual. Archery is an exception as you can easily have a solid experience with just one controller. Likewise, beach volleyball is at its absolute best with two Move controllers, but using one doesn’t take too much away from the experience.

The graphics are pretty standard. If anything, we would have liked more detail in the environments and characters. The same goes for the sound, which is not bad, but nothing overly unique. We suppose Sony was truly going after the Move experience, but the lack of high quality graphics and sound keep Sports Champions from being a standout title in terms of overall presentation.

If Sports Champions is intended to introduce people to Move, it does a great job through its tutorials. Each game has a few tutorial sessions that give enough detail (but are still fun) to show pretty much anyone how to use the controller and how to play each game. As such Move offers accessibility for gamers of all ages, and you could conceivably find yourself going up against anyone from your grandmother to your six-year-old niece. Sports Champions will likely be around for quite some time given the fact it is easy to jump in and play. It is a lag-free experience that shows the best side of Move in comparison to the remainder of the launch games on offer.

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