Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

  • Posted November 1st, 2010 at 12:06 EDT by Adam Dolge

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection

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Undead Nightmare is a thrilling and entertaining addition to one of 2010's biggest games. With an all-new story that introduces zombies to the open-world Wild West, two new multiplayer modes, and more brilliant voice acting and dialogue, this is a must have for any RDR fan

We like

  • Returning to the Wild West to face the zombie uprising
  • A new, lighter story with excellent voice acting
  • Tons of new content for a small price tag

We dislike

  • The same minor camera and control issues from original game

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(continued from previous page) ...original game took plenty of liberties of exploring immigration and other politically hot issues, and Undead Nightmares seems to push it even further. This time, it’s a bit more subtle about it. You’ll find statements written in blood that heavily explore racism, religion, sexuality, bigotry, and immigration. It’s not really a fault of the game, so much as a bit annoying for a slice of DLC that is otherwise quite lighthearted and fun. Still, the game does a wonderful job of telling a story through some of the best voice acting and dialogue in modern history.

Annoyingly, Undead Nightmare doesn’t attempt to rectify some of the same problems we encountered in the original game. Sure, these are to be expected, but they are still frustrating. For instance, John has the hardest time running up to a ladder and climbing quickly. And, since one safe zone requires you to climb a ladder for entry – not to mention the fact it’s always swarming with the undead - this minor quibble can nonetheless prove quite irritating. In addition, as zombies can only be eliminated by decapitation or by burning them, you’ll do a lot of close-range headshots. The camera tends to cut too close to you during headshots like this, and if you are swarmed with the vile creatures, you’ll probably get frustrated with the camera work.

Outside the extremely fun single-player campaign, you get two new multiplayer modes to keep you busy. They aren’t earth shattering, but still a welcome addition. Undead Overrun is exactly what it sounds like. A team of players must fight wave of zombies as long as they can. The other multiplayer mode, Land Grab, is found in Free Roam, and tests players by making them secure different locations on the map.

Undead Nightmare is one of the best additions to a game we’ve seen in a long time. With a low price of $10 USD, this is certainly something any Red Dead Redemption fan should pick up. The game still has its flaws; but overall, you can’t complain at a new and entertaining story, zombies, new multiplayer modes, and more of the same open-world Wild West experience that made Red Dead such a hit.

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