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Rocky Balboa you're not. The Fight: Lights Out is a sluggish game of boxing with less than impressive Move controls.

We like

  • The illegal moves, such as headbutting. Move works well here and it's satisfying to drop the nut
  • The gritty locations and sombre atmosphere

We dislike

  • The inconsistent Move controls. You won't land a punch every time, even if you were accurate
  • How it's physically exhausting. The fact that motion-sensing isn't always great means that you put more effort in, and it kills you
  • Going to the gym. You tire yourself out before the fights

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(continued from previous page) ... like you’re just fighting the other guy in the ring; it feels like you’re wrestling against the loose game mechanics as well. You’ll therefore, probably, find yourself trying to overcompensate for its lack of accuracy by throwing over-the-top punches even more, which will just make you more exhausted and frustrated than you already were.

The most satisfaction you’ll get from the The Fight: Lights Out isn’t from the art of actual boxing, or attempting to mimic the moves of a boxer to execute pinpoint punches. Instead, it’s from the array of special, and highly illegal, moves. Head-butts, elbows, bullcharges and double hammers look impressive and carrying them out effectively, by perfecting the art of moving the controllers in combination with button presses, is very satisfying. Similarly, guarding yourself from blows by putting the controllers to your face and then dodging left and right to avoid getting hit, works particularly well. However, it doesn’t ever make up for the overall inconsistent boxing experience on offer.

The continuous one-on-one, sluggish battles of The Fight: Lights Out will wear you down after a while, probably until you either drop to the floor with exhaustion, or have just had enough of the frustrating control scheme. Split-screen play and the option to take bets online against other players extend the misery, but The Fight does show some hope for the future of boxing titles that utilise Sony’s motion-sensing peripheral, largely thanks to the intuitive and fun to execute special moves, and those times when Move does get the motion-sensing right. If you were hoping for the true boxing sim that was promised, you won't get it here. If you want some decent exercise, however, then we guarantee you'll shed a few pounds in battering your on-screen opponents to a bloody pulp.

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