CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Review

  • Posted November 16th, 2010 at 00:54 EDT by Adam Dolge

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Fatal Conspiracy

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The stories and voice acting in CSI: Fatal Conspiracy are great, but the actual gameplay falls short.

We like

  • Well-written, interesting stories
  • High-quality voice acting
  • Enjoyable enough for fans of the show

We dislike

  • Bland and annoying gameplay--Move support could have saved it
  • Too many tedious activities
  • Poor graphics and character models

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(continued from previous page) ... fingerprint lifted or chemical tested for the game to recognize you were ready to go search that empty apartment.

You’ll use different tools to lift evidence at crime scenes. The game offers a tutorial that makes it quite easy to learn how to play, and part of the challenge (and fun) is figuring out what tool you need to lift that yellow stain on the carpet. After you collect the evidence, you take it back to the lab to analyze it. All of this is done using mini-games, which are about as “game-like” as the actual game ever gets. The mini-games have you line up colored blocks to test DNA, or use a microscope to compare strands of fabric.

The game gets a bit tedious after the initial level. For example, every time you use a computer to run lab tests, you have to wait for it to boot up and run a security check. We understand the game was trying to stay authentic, but it ends up just feeling lame and left us tapping our feet, waiting for something to happen.

The voice acting and stories are pretty good, though. As someone who doesn’t care for CSI the show, I can say the stories were worthy of a videogame adaptation. From the perspective of my fiancé, since she already likes the show, she said they were pretty typical for the series, if a bit light on the violence and graphic nature. In addition, the graphics were not too bad—although, there were certainly times when the character models just looked downright terrible, and it was hard to decipher if that nurse (who everyone is saying looks skanky) is actually attractive because she looks like every other girl in the game.

For a weekend’s worth of gameplay, CSI: Fatal Conspiracy is fun enough, but the enormity of problems with the game cannot make up for the fact both diehard gamers and fans of the show will be overly frustrated. It has its moments of entertainment, the stories are fairly decent, the voice acting is very good, but the actual gameplay and overarching concept falls apart before we were given a chance to have fun.

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