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The nominees for Best Visual Presentation of 2010 are...


And the winner is...


Amongst an oh-so-shiny game line-up in 2010, one game's eye candy positively outpaced its competitors. From the crystallized heart of Gaia the Titan to the raw determination on Kratos' brow, every visual element in God of War III positively oozes with style. Every detail, no matter how massive or miniscule, is lovingly rendered at a silky smooth framerate, including some stunning lighting that factors heavily into gameplay. The animations are all done by hand with a technical precision befitting of the Ghost of Sparta. The game's $44 million USD budget was clearly put to good use by the talented team at Sony Santa Monica, since in the end the gameplay looked a little something like this:

Occasionally, a picture speaks louder than words

And the Community Award goes to...


Our community was equally stoked about the visuals in God of War III, awarding it 46.7% of the user votes in the category. Polyphony's Gran Turismo 5, our favorite driving game this year, slid into second with 22.4% of the votes. Quantic Dream's introspective Heavy Rain, which aimed to overcome the Uncanny Valley and nearly achieved that goal, came in next with 18.7%. Square Enix's latest Final Fantasy XIII saw a modest 12.1% of remaining votes. Ready at Dawn's Ghost of Sparta, the sole PSP game nominated for this award, didn't receive a single vote.

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