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  • Posted February 3rd, 2011 at 17:32 EDT by Adam Dolge

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Killzone 3 is one of the best PS3 exclusives. With local co-op, brutal melee combat, and an enormously deep multiplayer mode, it's clear that Guerrilla Games really appreciates its fans. Buy this game as soon as you can.

We like

  • One of the most polished, well executed first-person shooters
  • A great narrative and even better multiplayer experience
  • Local co-op

We dislike

  • Some graphic and audio bugs
  • One glitch forced several checkpoint restarts

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(continued from previous page) ...on various weapon and skill points, giving even more reasons to spend hour after hour in Killzone 3’s multiplayer component. You can still form squads with your friends, and you can even brag about your top scores on the leaderboards.  

The game supports 3D and Move, and it’s clear that Sony wanted to use Killzone 3 to show off its latest technology. We can’t speak for 3D side of the coin, but in regards to Move, our time spent using Sony’s motion controller was decidedly patchy. It’s difficult to find the perfect balance, and a standard controller works much better. Is it tacked on? That’s hard to say. Maybe we could learn to like it in time, but it’s hard to say if our time would be worth spent on this relatively random feature. Needless to say, we are still waiting to get our hands on that one major title that fully takes advantage of Move’s unique capabilities. Only time will tell if we’ll see anything worthwhile in the near future. 

PS3 owners have so much to do so far in 2011, and Killzone 3 only sweetens the pot. Everyone has high expectations for the game, and boy does it go beyond what we expected. Guerrilla Games once again has delivered a top notch first-person shooter experience worthy of ample praise. It has everything we loved about Killzone 2, plus local co-op, awesome melee combat, and a terrific narrative. This is a must-buy, but we’re sure you already knew that. In fact, Killzone 3 isn’t just a must-buy; it’s one of the best games to arrive on Sony’s flagship console to date – period.

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