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  • Posted May 26th, 2011 at 16:51 EDT by Adam Dolge

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The parkour-style approach to this team-based shooter is not unique enough to overlook its lack of an authentic campaign, broken maps, and terrible A.I.

We like

  • The original art style
  • The parkour S.M.A.R.T. system
  • The well-integrated online/offline play

We dislike

  • The poor A.I.
  • The maps and objectives create frustrating choke points
  • The lack of any genuine campaign or story

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(continued from previous page) ...but they rarely take on objectives by themselves and they almost never switch to the objective’s required class. The 16-player missions are best played with real people, as is the case in most online games, but I found it tough to play matches with a full human team. Brink is a game that may need more time to simmer on the stove. While a recent patch has helped limit the terrible early lag, there are still some small, yet annoying glitches. There are a ton of great ideas in Brink, and some of them work fairly well. Running around with the S.M.A.R.T. system is pretty fun, the characters look interesting, and the action is fast and furious (almost too fast).

The actual combat system  is quite standard and thankfully doesn’t suffer from any control issues. Think of your favorite FPS control system and you can simply tack it onto Brink. I would really like to see if enough patches can improve the pacing, change some of the objectives, and provide some less linear maps. There may be some people who just love to run up railings and try to shoot an enemy with a shotgun, but that’s about as much fan as I had in the game. Sadly, until the A.I. is improved, or more human players actually join the game, Brink will likely prove a frustrating endeavor. The concept is great, but maybe the PSN downtime kept too many people away, but more likely, the game is just too generic and anything original is lost amidst sheer frustration.

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