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Mortal Kombat: HD Arcade Kollection

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A retro-fused bundle offering some of the most iconic 2D fighters ever conceived, the MK Arcade Kollection is ultimately let down by a shockingly bad online component and dodgy sound issues.

We like

  • The vast array of classic finishing moves
  • The satisfying old school combat
  • The chance to relive those glorious days of early-mid 90s brawling!

We dislike

  • The broken and laggy online mode
  • The various sound-related issues
  • The lack of extra content

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(continued from previous page) ...the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is a decent investment, offering three of the most prolific 2D brawlers of the 90s for an affordable price. However, there’s no denying the lack of extra content comes as a disappointment, and the unforgivably messy online component coupled with patchy audio work makes me a little gutted that these classic games didn’t get the digital re-release they thoroughly deserved.

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