Top 10 sexiest PlayStation game characters

  • Posted October 28th, 2011 at 00:13 EDT by PSU Community

(continued from previous page) ...female characters in the GoW series, perhaps even on PS3. While many of us sat on the edge while battling massive titans, we have to admit that we felt just as excited playing a mini-game which let's you show you have the balls to back up your might when it comes to the bedroom. This action is spiced by a peep-show organized by two of Aphrodite’s sex slaves craving for a slice of the action. Put it simply in Greek mythology: Aphrodite is a goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. In GoW she is a sex predator who can easily make a slave out of anyone using her amazing body, seduction skills, charisma and lack of clothes which we don’t mind at all since her topless body looks so damn good.

Why we love her: Aphrodite of God of War. She's hot. She's a goddess. You can bone her for points.

7. There are so many difficult choices when it comes to Soul Calibur; that game is designed for peanutty buddy pleasure. I'm conflicted but I have to stick to my roots and go with the statuesque Grecian beauty Sophitia Alexandra. Blonde hair, green eyes, and a body that could pass off as if it was sculpted from marble; Sophitia fulfills the Barbie niche that seems to be the go ahead on peanutty buddy friendly design that pleases a large enough market. I know it's a cop-out, especially with the awesome selection of vixens Soul Calibur has to offer (Ivy, Taki. etc.) but can you blame me? Maybe it's the Greek blood in me, but I'm making the safest selection based on her near universal friendly look. Besides, she's a mom. Somebody say MILF?

We we love her: Last sentence says it all.

6. NOTICE: Fans of Jill Valentine, before slagging us off, take into account that we took our time debating this before making this decision.

There has been dozens of characters overlooked in every top 10 or 20 hottest girls list, our objective was to be different. That is why we had a lengthy session over Jill vs. Ada. Just as Sniper Wolf, we decided to give Ada a spot in our list. Some regard her as the queen of Resident Evil series, while others prefer Jill. The debate still rages on all over the Internet. What strikes us the most, besides her super-hot looks and how easy she pops zombies heads left and right, is the fact that producers chose her as a foundation for Alice of Resident Evil films, which is played by Milla Jovovich who definitely managed to deliver.

Why we love her: Super hot Chinese lady killing zombies, what is not to love?

 5. When is comes to creating a masterpiece in the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima knows his skills are better than anyone else. The Metal Gear series brought us quite a few sweet characters with genuine design; however, there is one that was created based on a real person. Naomi Hunter in MGS4 is based on famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci, who we suppose needs no introduction. To those of you that don’t know her, look at the movie Matrix Reloaded. Monica is one of the sexiest ladies in the world, having topped AskMen100's most beautiful women in the world in 2004, to this day she is considered the sex symbol of Italy. It seems that Hideo Kojima is not only skilled with video games, but he also has an amazing taste for women. Having modeled Naomi Hunter on Monica during her prime age gives this game character a solid 5th place in our list.

Why we love her: If you never found her attractive, then there is something wrong with you.

4. In this current gen we have seen a lot of innovation in terms of graphics, yet when it comes to gameplay, Quantic Dream delivered an experience like no other. Heavy Rain ... (continued on next page)

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