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  • Posted March 2nd, 2012 at 14:30 EDT by Cuguy

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If you're up for a challenge and some old-school fun, then Twisted Metal is the game for you.

We like

  • Great variety of cars and power-ups
  • B-movie cut scenes are especially well done. TM movie anyone?
  • Genuinely challenging

We dislike

  • Twitchy controls in places
  • Car and environment physics are pretty much non-existent
  • Unbalanced AI

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(continued from previous page) ...player -- not to mention, it is a lot easier to get kills. Furthermore, unlike the single player AI, human adversaries actually fight each other as well as come after you, which makes for a refreshing change of pace. At the time of writing, there is a patch in the works that is supposed to remedy the difficulty entering and staying in multiplayer games. I certainly hope this is the case, as this is where people will likely get the most enjoyment and longevity out of the game.

Graphics wise, Twisted Metal has nothing over the recent crop of PS3 games. It’s still a decent looking effort in terms of both multiplayer and single-player though, and unlike some games, there is no discernible dip in performance when transitioning between the two. Zooming around the map and blasting everything sight while clocking the devastation done to the surrounding environment is pretty awesome. Well, that is, until you start to pay close attention to the action. Allow me to elaborate quickly. When you fire at a tree and you see it disintegrate, it crumples to the ground with a believable animation. That’s when things go downhill. The tree then disappears into the ground, circa 1999. Not to be picky, but in this day and age, people expect to see realistic physics and debris. How cool would it be to be able to use the environment to actually affect gameplay? You can destroy huge towers, apartment buildings, houses, but they all simply disappear after crumbling to the ground. Therefore, there is no real bonus to destroying the environment other than a brief thrill and spot of eye candy. Why can’t we topple the towers to block an annoying pursuer? The textures on buildings and the environment are well done, and make for some gorgeous views. As stated, it is a good looking game, but there are some things that could have made the levels a little more believable in terms of destructible physics.

In addition to the campaign, there are some training missions, customizable practice menus where you can battle bots, setup challenges or drive any of the in-game vehicles in order to get a feel for them. There is even a practice level that sends countless waves of baddies your way to see how long you can hold out for. Not really much detail to go into here, as gameplay and graphics are identical, but in honesty apart from multiplayer, this is where I spent the bulk of my play time.

Twisted Metal is a trip to the past that carries with it some fond, old school experiences, but lamentably also some things we’d rather see the back of. Flat environments with little physical interaction with the cars, destruction which is done for the sake of doing it, unbalanced and brutal AI causing many level retries, along with some twitchy controls might have been deal breakers. Thankfully, all of the issues I had with the game are instantly trashed when you load it up. It moves like butter, looks good, and provides some good old school chaotic fun. It has to be said, people looking for an easy game should search elsewhere, as you will not find it here. If you are up for a challenging, great looking car combat romp brimming with destruction however, snatch this game up asap. Amp it up a few notches on the fun scale by having friends over for some local split screen, or playing MP online (once it's patched). Believe me, blowing the hell out of your friends online hasn’t been this much fun in years.

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