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Despite clunky combat and various frame rate issues, Silent Hill: Downpour is still a solid survival horror romp that any fan of the genre should take a punt on.

We like

  • The superb atmosphere and gripping story
  • Great puzzles
  • Lots of replay value

We dislike

  • Choppy frame rate
  • Poor melee combat
  • Generic monster design

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(continued from previous page) ...stab at the franchise providing it irons out some of the more glaring issues. To top it off, Downpour is also one of the meatiest Silent Hill games on offer, and took me just over 14 hours to complete – and that’s without completing all side quests. With multiple endings (of which moral choices play a strong part in deciding your fate) and unlockable content on offer, Downpour is an immersive and gripping, if admittedly flawed survival horror rollercoaster.

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