Preview: Resistance: Burning Skies

(continued from previous page) ...and set enemies alight, or deploy an Auger shield by dragging both thumbs apart from the centre of the screen. There’s lot to think about and a variety of ways you can tackle enemies.


Burning Skies makes weapon-switching a doddle too via a weapon wheel activated by pressing the ‘Triangle’ button and rotating the thumb-stick to choose your preferred fire-arm. As you progress, there’s also the option to search for upgrade cubes and apply these to your weapon-set to improve on the likes of power, reload speed and size of your magazine clip. Once again, developer Nihilistic has used the touchscreen to make these features easy to use.

In terms of visuals, the videos that we’ve seen prior to playing Burning Skies don’t quite do the game justice. It’s not up to the same high standards as Uncharted by any means, but enemies are extremely well detailed and the locations packed full of detail. What’s most impressive, however, is the intensity of the battles and how the locations and enemies vary so often to ensure you’re constantly kept on your toes and encouraged to think tactically.

Early signs indicate that Resistance: Burning Skies is setting itself up to be a massive hit among FPS fans. Based on these first three levels, we’re already confident that it’s going set a benchmark on PS Vita for the genre and it’s convinced us that, when implemented properly, there is most definitely a place for touchscreen controls within the genre. It’s going to be interesting to see whether the finished product can sustain the level of excitement and variety throughout the game as it manages to muster in the first three levels, but we’ve got high hopes that Resistance: Burning Skies will blow us away when it launches on PS Vita in May.

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