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Despite being woefully short and lacking some genuinely challenging puzzles, Datura is still a captivating and unique experience worth checking out.

We like

  • The scrumptious visuals
  • The great use of PS Move
  • Superb atmosphere and score

We dislike

  • The short game length
  • Puzzles are too easy
  • Some annoying slowdown and minor hiccups

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(continued from previous page) ...endure, seeing as how they’re fundamentally so varied and reasonable enjoyable to act out with PS Move. I still felt a sense of accomplishment in spite of their simplicity, though admittedly it was more to do with execution than challenge. The Forest isn’t the only location you’ll visit either; one moment you may find yourself in the trenches during fierce battle, the other time you’ll be speeding down the highway at night. At first these sequences come off as somewhat incongruous compared to the tranquillity of the woodland setting, but they’re a welcome addition nonetheless, offering an invigorating shot in the arm before the visual monotony of the forest begins to set. Speaking of visuals, Datura is an incredibly gorgeous game. Some of the textures are a little bland and the character models are hardly anything to write home about, but the art direction combined with the dream-like hew that encompasses the woods lends the game a palpable atmosphere. The soundtrack meanwhile is sublime, punctuating the adventuring with subtle, moody pieces that only adds to Datura’s bizarre aura.

Overall, Datura is an intriguing adventure, and you’re unlikely to play anything like it this year. PS Move control is precise and immersive, and while at times not as graceful as it could be, doesn’t detract from the experience too much. Unfortunately, the puzzles that make up the meat-and-potatoes of the action are a bit too simplistic for my liking, and the game is woefully short to boot. Some ugly slowdown rears its head at times too, and at one point I seemingly became stuck on the scenery before finally extricating myself by making arbitrary gestures with the controller. That said, for $9.99 it’s still worth picking up, and the fact you can make various decisions offers a decent amount of replay value. Had the game been expanded into a 3-5 hour adventure with harder riddles and more exploration, then Datura would have surely been a must-have purchase. As it stands, it’s still a nice treat, but ultimately leaves you hungry for more.

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    Release date (US):
    May 8th, 2012
    Plastic Studios / Sony Santa Monica
    Action - Adventure
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