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Max Payne is one of the best videogame characters of all-time, and Max Payne 3 is one the best shooters.

We like

  • Unique storytelling from Rockstar with startling production values
  • A believable lead character that draws you right into the action
  • Exciting, challenging shoot-outs across some gloriously detailed environments

We dislike

  • Bullet-time is sometimes a hindrance rather than a help due to questionable hit detection

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(continued from previous page) ...who like to play tactically as well as run-and-gun gamers. It’s frantic and exciting and with the leveling system there’s a massive amount of customisation to be had through various loadouts and bursts, which reward you for kills with the likes of radars that detect enemy activity and incendiary ammunition.

Away from the frantic multiplayer match-ups, there’s also an arcade mode which rewards those who have played the single player campaign, enabling you to play through each level to achieve a high score. There's also a timed-mode that pits you against the clock against dozens of enemies and gives you extra seconds on the clock for achieving quick kills.

I remember with great detail when the gritty neo-noir style of the first game in the series, and the introduction of bullet time-based gun-fights, first blew me away. Max Payne was a cinematic experience with great audio, graphics and cutting-edge game mechanics, but Max Payne 3 takes things to a whole other level with glittering production values and non-stop excitement throughout its pulsating campaign. The campaign on its own is worth playing through again and again, while the multiplayer is incredibly rewarding and built to keep gamers amused for many months to come.

There’s not much more I can say about Max Payne 3 without spoiling the experience for you. Emotionally exhausted and still buzzing with excitement after playing Max Payne 3’s story mode throughout the weekend, I woke up this morning bursting to tell everyone that, quite simply put: Max Payne 3 is the best character-driven shooter that I’ve ever played.

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  • Related game: Max Payne 3

    Release date (US):
    May 15th, 2012
    Rockstar Vancouver
    Shooter - Third Person
    577 of 2,667 Games
    Down 577 places (in last 7 days)

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