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  • Posted May 24th, 2012 at 13:54 EDT by Adam Dolge

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Gravity Rush

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Gravity Rush is a mind-bending experience and a great addition to the PlayStation Vita library. Navigating an open world on a handheld platform has never been so much fun.

We like

  • Wild gravity-defying navigation
  • Great use of Vita features
  • Beautiful presentation and loveable protagonist

We dislike

  • Dull ground combat
  • Targeting while in air mildly frustrating
  • City feels a bit empty at times

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(continued from previous page) ...A to point B. Go off the path once a while and you’ll find an assortment of basic side quests. Besides that, there isn’t too much else to do in the city, which makes the open-world feel a bit too quiet for its own good. There are bigger games, like Batman: Arkham City, that do a better job of open-world navigation, but Gravity Rush still does a great job of offering something a little unique. There’s even a vast upgrade system through gems you can snatch in mid-air. It’s pretty fun to simply fly through the city looking for these gems.

Even if the city feels a bit lonely, it’s still a blast to explore the varying districts in this beautiful world. The music is catchy and the voice acting feels very much like an anime film, but in a very good way. This all blends together for a wonderful presentation and a terrific offering for the PS Vita.

There is reply value here with the various challenges scattered throughout the game. There is also some DLC forthcoming. This is definitely a game you’ll want to experience if you are looking for something a little different. This may sound silly, but it may be hard to play this game for long periods of time, especially if you are easily confused or get nauseous. It’s easy to lose your bearings in mid-air and the camera can swing around quickly—just a fair warning.

Gravity Rush is definitely a game worth your time, especially if you’re a Vita owner looking for something new. Even if this came out alongside dozens of triple-A Vita games, we would recommend Gravity Rush for its unique gameplay, its beautiful presentation, and its protagonist’s adorable charm. There are a few things that hold this back from being a mega hit—including boring combat and some occasional glitches—but Gravity Rush is a thrilling experience.

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