The most fun game I played at E3 2012: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • Posted June 13th, 2012 at 17:24 EDT by Don Oliveira

(continued from previous page) ...3 supers are just brutal, and what’s even cooler is that every character has their own unique supers that you’ll have to master and learn to use in each respective stage you’re playing on.

What surprised me even more is that Sony announced Big Daddy coming to the game. That means that it won’t necessarily have to include Sony-owned characters. If that doesn’t excite you, you’re probably dead. I even threw together a top-ten list of Sony-owned characters that I’d love to see included in Battle Royale, and now they’re telling me that there might be more non-PlayStation fan-favorite characters?

Instant erection.

So anyway, do I sound like I’m overly-excited for the game? If I do, just remember what I said in my opening: until last week, I was just as skeptical as some of the harshest critics out there. What’s more is that SuperBot Entertainment hasn’t even shown us the single-player component to the game, which they promise will have character-specific cut-scenes and stories.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale might not be perfect; it might not even be very good. But the fact remains: it’s the most fun game I played at E3, and I find myself counting down the days until I can play more.

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