Hands-on with LBP Vita: Sackboy takes platforming to another level

(continued from previous page) ...in that direction. Gameplay is entirely touch-based and the idea is to save the white spheres (smash into them) which are randomly dotted around the levels.

Gameplay is really about navigating the environment and ensuring you launch the Tapling at exactly the right angle in order to collide with the white spheres. Gameplay gets more challenging as you progress, with sticky walls that the Tapling can attach to, and blue bounce pads that can be used to get further elevation. Tapling is an enjoyable pick-up-and-play game with multiple levels that gain in difficulty and it showcases the diversity of the mini-games that should feature in the finished game.

 LBP Vita’s crowning feature is, of course, the ‘Create’ mode, which should ensure that it has infinite replay value. And we’re glad to report that the toolset is much easier to use than previous games, thanks largely to the fact that you can now use the touchscreen to resize, rotate, edit and place objects. Once again, there’s a huge amount of objects and materials at our disposal and with the option to input touch-based mechanics there should be some brilliant user-created levels. 


The closed beta of LBP Vita has left us desperately wanting to see more. Not only does it look fabulous on PS Vita’s screen, but the control scheme is slick and the touch-based interactions further draw you into its colourful world. PS Vita is perfect for the LBP franchise and if this little taster is a sign of things to come we can all look forward to the most creative and challenging LittleBigPlanet game so far. 

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