PSN Sneak Peek: Sound Shapes comes to PS3 and Vita

  • Posted August 3rd, 2012 at 23:23 EDT by Kyle Prahl

Every Tuesday, the North American PlayStation Store gets a glorious heap of new games, discounts, and DLC. Rather than wait in agony for the full PS Store Update to be published on Tuesday, why not take a gander at our PSN Sneak Peek? Go on. It won't bite.

Confirmed PS3 Games

Sound Shapes

Equal parts instrument and game, Sound Shapes™ gives everyone the ability to make music. Play through a unique campaign that fuses music and artwork into a classic 2D platformer, featuring artwork by Pixeljam, Capy, Superbrothers and more, with music by I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie and Deadmau5. Create your own unique musical levels with all of the campaign content and share with the world. Sound Shapes creates an ever-changing musical community for everyone to enjoy at home or on the go.

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Return once more to the world of Gamindustri, where the Criminal of the Free World, Arfoire, has defeated the four CPUs of Gamindustri. It is now up to their younger sisters to free them from captivity. Nepgear, the CPU Candidate of Planeptune and younger sister to Neptune, sets out on her quest with IF and Compa to regain Gamindustri's prosperity, stop the syndicate of evil that Arfoire created, and set her sister free! During her travels across the world, Nepgear will encounter friends new and old, meet the other CPU Candidates, and take care of any monsters that stand in her way in this classic JRPG tale of good versus evil!


With the triumphant return of fan favorite characters like Mai, K', and Vice, extensive refinement of the core fighting engine based on community feedback, and vastly improved network functionality, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII represents the HD entry in the series that fans have been waiting for.

Confirmed Vita Games

Manhunt 2 - now Vita compatible!

Unchained Blades - now Vita compatible!

Gungnir - now Vita compatible!

Confirmed minis

Farm Frenzy 3

Confirmed DLC

Dragon's Dogma - Various DLC

Inversion - New maps

Persona 4 Arena - Various DLC

Street Fighter X Tekken - New gem packs


Kyle Prahl is a PSU senior editor and a Communications student at the University of Minnesota. If you care about PlayStation or the life of a pale Midwesterner, you should follow him on Twitter.
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