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  • Posted August 14th, 2012 at 12:01 EDT by Adam Dolge

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Darksiders II is an exhilarating action-RPG set in an enormous game world. Featuring an addictive loot system, tons of side quests, and rich gameplay, Darksiders II easily deserves a spot alongside the other greats of the genre.

We like

  • Fun combat and combos
  • The loot system is highly addicting
  • The enormous and engaging game world

We dislike

  • The camera issues
  • Some minor visual glitches
  • Average narrative

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(continued from previous page) ...five for stronger loot, but if you die, you lose it all. There are 100 waves, so this mode offers an enormous challenge even for the most advanced players.

The presentation is fairly good, but not the best we’ve seen in an action-RPG. It still has that cartoony look with random bright colors that ultimately pull players away from the immersive dark themes. The audio is also fairly strong but the voice acting is, well, pretty lame. Death is pretty unlikeable to begin with, and his dialogue and voice acting do little to improve his nature. Still, it’s not bad enough to really worth complaining about, just don’t expect the graphics, audio, or voice acting to blow you away.

Darksiders II blows its predecessor out of the water and offers an enormous world to explore and devastate. If you can get past some minor technical glitches and camera issues, you’ll find there’s quite a bit to enjoy here. The combat system is smooth, elegant and brutal, while the loot system is deep and addicting. There are plenty of reasons to return once you beat the main campaign, and thanks to the entertaining gameplay and interesting level designs, you’ll easily spend full days sinking deep into the world.

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