Behind Dust 514 - Understanding CCP's PS3 exclusive MMO shooter

  • Posted September 12th, 2012 at 05:36 EDT by Alex Locher

(continued from previous page) ...all available using the in-game currency, ISK. Items bought with AUR can also be sold on the market place so gamers who don't wish to invest real money can still access these items.


Those who aren't interested in being guns for hire by EVE players can take part in battles for NPC contractors in high sec. This is where you can have your more traditional FPS multiplayer experience in battles that have no bearing at all with the EVE universe. There has also been mention of a PvE survival mode with rogue drones and provisions that allow you to train with your teams outside of ranked matches.

CCP is giving you full control of the game with support for Move and keyboard/mouse as well as full control of your music with custom soundtrack support.

These are just some of the reasons why this PS3 exclusive should be on your radar. The true wonder of this game is in its potential. Though it is now very much in its infancy, it will continue to grow and in the future will only become bigger, better and more in depth.


On a personal note, one of my biggest gripes with investing time into competitive online games is that as soon as the next iteration comes out, all your progress is lost when you move on. In DUST 514 you will have a persistent soldier who will fight and grow through many updates and free expansions as the game grows; even the onset of next gen consoles won't alter that as CCP has said it will make DUST for PS4 as well. Being an experienced soldier with competencies in many battlefield disciplines will make you a more valuable mercenary in a game that's all about killing for money.

CCP is currently focusing on the core gameplay and getting everything to run smoothly within these parameters. However, it was very interested in some of the ideas put forth during a Q&A session at the "Seeding the Universe" EVE FanFest 2012 keynote. Some of these concepts included underwater warfare, adverse weather conditions like snow and torrential rain, mercenaries ability to board EVE stations and pilot's ships for combat and more. Currently in closed beta, it will go into open beta at the end of the year.

If you are interested, look out for a follow up article where we will look at the in depth combat customisation and specialisation options the game has to offer.

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