Killzone HD gets release date, full Trophy list

  • Posted September 13th, 2012 at 16:18 EDT by Kyle Prahl

While the Killzone Trilogy package will help all you ISA rookies out there catch up to the series, many veterans are only looking for a way to play Killzone HD. Good news - the latest PS2 remaster is coming to PlayStation Network as a standalone downloadable game on October 23 in North America, and October 24 in Europe.

Priced at $14.99, Killzone HD will support 720p high-definition at 30fps alongside anti-aliasing, better textures, and a full Trophy list (with Platinum!). There's no true multiplayer to speak of, but you can at least play offline matches against AI bots.

Check out the game's full Trophy list (in alphabetical order) below, and stay tuned to for all things Killzone. Are you excited to play the first installment in HD on PS3?


Bronze Trophies

  • 1 V 50 - Kill 50 Helghast soldiers without dying.
  • 2 For the Price of 1 - Kill 2 Helghast with 1 shot from the BP-02 Pup Launcher.
  • 3 Birds With One Stone - Kill 3 Helghast with one cooked M194 Percussion Grenade.
  • Abridged Bridge - Collapse the Helghast bridge in the Jungle Valley.
  • Anti-Air Specialist - Bring two dropships crashing down in the Misty Waters Firebase.
  • Artillery Artist - Kill a Helghast from 200m+ away with the Pnv-3 Siska.
  • Backstabber - 20 kills with the FSK-7 Fury.
  • Beep Beep Beeeep - Kill 10 Helghast with the secondary fire on the M327 Grenade Launcher.
  • Bounty Hunted - Kill the IFO Bounty Hunter.
  • Brouhaha - Kill 30 Helghast soldiers in under a minute.
  • Bullheaded - 20 headshots with the M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol.
  • Burn Baby Burn - Destroy your first enemy APC.
  • Call of the Siren - Kill 25 Helghast soldiers with the VnD-10M Siren.
  • Captain - Complete all levels on the easy difficulty.
  • Covering Fire - Kill 10 Helghast with the M224 Mounted Machine Gun.
  • Designation: Demolition - Destroy 3 towers using the BDL-23 Dohvat.
  • Disproportionate Force - Kill 1 unfortunate Helghast soldier with 3 rockets from the BLR-06 Hadra.
  • Eco-Warrior - Hit 15 Helghast soldiers without reloading, using the secondary fire on the M66 SD Submachine Gun.
  • Economical Soldier - Finish a level above 75% hit ratio.
  • Elite? HA! - Take down your first 2 Helghast Elite.
  • Escape - Complete Chapter 5.
  • Explosive Consequences - Kill 5 Helghast soldiers with one grenade using the attachment on the M82-G Assault Rifle.
  • Field Operative - Complete Chapter 5 to 11 playing as Hakha.
  • Forging A Path - Complete Chapter 8.
  • Generally Better - Kill General Lente and his bodyguards.
  • Get Out of my Comfort Zone - Kill a Helghast within 1m with the M404-MAW M. Anti Tank Weapon… and don’t die.
  • Helghast Assault - Complete Chapter 1.
  • Helghast Champion - Win a Battlefields game playing as the Helghast’s side with the enemy AI set to hard.
  • Hidden Pasts - Complete Chapter 9.
  • Hope - Complete Chapter 11.
  • Hunting the Traitor - Complete Chapter 7.
  • ISA Regular - Complete Chapter 4 to 11 playing as Rico.
  • ISA Saviour - Win a Battlefields game playing on the ISA’s side with the enemy AI set to hard.
  • Misty Waters - Complete Chapter 6.
  • New Allies - Complete Chapter 3.
  • Onwards and Upwards - Complete Chapter 10.
  • One For You and One For You- Kill 2 Helghast with one Double Shot from the M13 Semi-Automatic Shotgun.
  • Orbital Strike - Take down General Adams with a melee attack.
  • Rapid Reaction Force - Complete Chapter 1 to 11 playing as Templar.
  • Right in the Jewels - Use the M224-A3 Heavy Support Weapon to melee 20 Helghast soldiers.
  • Shadow Marshal - Complete Chapter 3 to 11 ... (continued on next page) ----
    Kyle Prahl is a PSU senior editor and a Communications student at the University of Minnesota. If you care about PlayStation or the life of a pale Midwesterner, you should follow him on Twitter.
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