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Tokyo Jungle is a refreshing game with a unique setting. It doesn't stay exciting forever, but there's a lot of fun to be had.

We like

  • Unique idea that should be applauded
  • Core gameplay is fun
  • Lots of content

We dislike

  • Said content can be a pain to unlock
  • Lacks polish
  • Can get repetitive

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(continued from previous page) ...female, all controllable animals are male). In order to attract the female you need to get your male to a certain rank, which is dependent on the rank of your potential mate. There are three types of female animal: Prime, Average and Desperate. There are three ranks for the males too: Rookie, Veteran and Boss. If your rank isn’t high enough then you have to hunt and take in the required number of calories to rank up, unless you attract a desperate mate then it doesn’t matter since she will just follow you regardless. Each female rank is indicated by the colour of love heart they have above them. Prime females have a vivid pink coloured heart above them, Average ones have a dull white-pink heart and Desperate females have a gloomy black heart. Desperate females also give you the added of bonus of fleas which you can only get rid of by finding a pool of water and bathing in it. Once you and your life partner have made it to the pile you can press circle and allow the magic to happen. Quick pointer: you don’t actually see anything happen bar the initial phase of the mating session, as the screen quickly goes black and the controller vibrates. Bow chika wow wow.

You then move on to control the offspring of the encounter. Depending on the rank of the mate, you will pass on stats to your offspring and produce more later on. This allows you to hunt with them as a pack and if you die you move on to control one of the siblings so it rewards you for not going with a desperate skank. Furthermore, when you change generations you keep them, so if you start a new game after breeding a species, you kick off with the newer generation, which is a nice touch.

All of these skills are key if you want to achieve a high score in Survival mode. To achieve this, you have to complete challenges. These are ranked by difficulty from E to A, although some of the higher ranked ones are actually easier than lower ranked ones. Challenges require you to do things such as kill a certain number of animals, mark your territory, reproduce, and visit a certain area of the map amongst others. These allow you to explore the map and discover new areas and learn the map, which will help in order to rack up the high scores. You also earn points for ranking up, surviving years and taking in calories. Unfortunately, the challenges do get repetitive as there is a distinct lack of variety to them.

The points you earn can be spent on unlocking other animals to use in survival. However, to actually enable the unlocking, you have to complete a challenge which is to kill the animal in Survival. This is strange because the animals get stronger as you play through the game, and the chances are the animal you want to play as will be stronger than the ones you have already. This makes things difficult since the challenge requires you to kill a “boss” version which is bigger and stronger than the standard ones. This is frustrating since it makes getting the better and more interesting animals more difficult than it should be. This doesn’t apply to the grazers but in truth, playing this type of creature isn’t particularly entertaining.

In fact, the entire unlock system is not what it should be. In order to unlock Story levels you have to find white present boxes which could also contain items like food, water, medicine or things like clothes for your animals or newspaper articles, which give a back story to the events leading up to the start of the game. In effect, the only way to unlock anything is by playing Survival mode, which shouldn’t be the case. I can’t see why Story chapters can’t unlock by playing and completing them. Same with animals; once you have played as them in a chapter they are unlocked to buy in Survival. This would make things less frustrating and allow a larger number of people to experience more of the game.

You can dress your animal up in clothes which can boost your stats or give you more space for items. You can be creative with ... (continued on next page)

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