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Tokyo Jungle is a refreshing game with a unique setting. It doesn't stay exciting forever, but there's a lot of fun to be had.

We like

  • Unique idea that should be applauded
  • Core gameplay is fun
  • Lots of content

We dislike

  • Said content can be a pain to unlock
  • Lacks polish
  • Can get repetitive

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(continued from previous page) creative with this and make your animal look cool whilst ripping other animals apart. It’s definitely a sight to behold.

Story mode is basically the different aspects of Survival streamlined into a more linear and tighter affair. Completing chapters requires you to use the same skills to complete missions which are connected by a story regarding each animal. This is fine if it were not for the asinine way that the chapters are unlocked. There is also a multiplayer mode where you and a friend can play Survival as a team and make your mark on the global rankings, which as of writing, aren’t available.

When playing the game, the HUD gives you lots of information and can be a little daunting to begin with but you soon get used to it. It gives you your health, hunger, stamina, a mini-map and what year you’re up to in your Survival game – the latter doesn’t apply to Story mode, obviously. There is also a notification bar which tells you about which places are polluted, which proves especially useful if there is a location overwhelmed with toxic gas or example. Pause the game meanwhile and you’ll bring up a map that shows you what part of the game world you are in and details info such as how much potential food there is available.

Much has been said about the graphics of this game. True they aren’t great, some of the textures are god awful and the animal models look like they’ve been ripped from a PS2 game. However, the performance is solid with very little slowdown and hardly any load times at all. The music isn’t anything special though, which is compounded by the fact the game doesn’t support custom soundtracks. Tokyo Jungle will support the recently added PS Vita Remote Play but the Review code doesn’t unfortunately.

All in all, Tokyo Jungle is a refreshing unique game that I’m glad I got to experience. However, I think that with a bit more polish and a revised unlock structure could allow the game to reach the potential that there is here. It wouldn’t hurt to add some variety to the challenges and levels and maybe even put any potential sequel on a certain portable that is hungry for new games.


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