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With a massive character roster, great online mode and solid gameplay mechanics, Tekken Tag 2 is easily one of the best brawlers on the market and a triumphant return for the series.

We like

  • The great tag mechanics
  • The superb character roster
  • Online play is greatly improved over Tekken 6

We dislike

  • The minor online lag issues
  • No classic mini-games like Tekken Force, Bowling etc

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(continued from previous page) ...the lip synching is off at times. Sound wise dialogue is thankfully kept to a minimum, but the music is fantastic, combining techno anthems with thunderous, bone-crunching effects that work well to accentuate the gravity-defying moves on display. In short, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from a Tekken game.

Overall, Tekken Tag 2 is a stellar brawler and must-have for any self-respecting beat-em-up aficionado. Fans meanwhile are sure to appreciate the amount of love Namco has provided in regards to game endings and the abundance of characters on offer. With plenty of game modes to tuck into, solid gameplay – including the awesome Tag mechanics – plus a great online experience, Tekken Tag 2 is probably the best incarnation of the franchise in years.

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