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Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All

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Great value puzzler with a decent plot and some twists that you just won't see coming.

We like

  • You get great bang for your buck. Up to ten hours of gameplay for $9.99 is a steal
  • The puzzles provide significant challenge and are very rewarding
  • The characters are humorous and the story has plot twists that you will never see coming

We dislike

  • The difficulty of puzzles can be off-putting and poorly worded clues are even more frustrating
  • There is little to no replayability value after the game is completed
  • While the story is entertaining, it struggles to pull you in

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(continued from previous page) ...intelligence, it's certainly unintuitive.

Thankfully, Red Johnson's visuals and setting create a great atmosphere for the sleuthing adventure. While the overall tone and theme of Metropolis is rather dark, the art style is somewhat playful and whimsical. The caricatured people and environments encourage you to speak with everyone around you and to explore every corrupt nook and cranny you lay your eyes on. The impact of specific events in the story is reinforced by a tastefully-composed soundtrack that adds suspense and gets you into a mood for investigating. The main theme is somewhat reminiscent of James Bond or Cowboy Bebop, and gets you ready to take on whatever lies ahead. Also appreciated is the voice acting, which is on par with most retail titles and even surpasses some. Witty banter and excellent adult humor make for a fun and engaging experience, but the quality is a bit uneven - some conversations are filled with awkward pauses or lack emotional commitment from the voice actors during key moments.

Unfortunately, with scarcely more than puzzles to offer, there is very little replay value here. Without any collectibles, and with a completely linear story, there is little incentive to return to the dirtied streets of Metropolis once the game is complete. The story itself is fairly straightforward, but a few excellent plot twists will take you by surprise. Red’s character itself is a stereotypical, manly action hero who gets things done and done his way. This type of character can make it somewhat difficult for the player to connect with Red because his character has so little depth.

All things considered, Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All is an adventure that is well worth your time. While the majority of the story serves simply as a means to move from puzzle to puzzle, the eight-to-ten hour campaign keeps you entertained the whole way through with clever lines, great humor, and plot twists that you’ll never see coming. Every puzzle is unique and most give you a great sense of accomplishment once completed, but a few are very difficult and might be off-putting for those not ready for challenge. Once completed, there is little reason to return, but excellent voice acting and music make this game stand out from other PSN titles and add to the overall experience. Simply put, One Against All is one of the best games that you will find for the $9.99 price-tag.

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