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  • Posted October 8th, 2012 at 19:34 EDT by Adam Dolge

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A game full of options, Dishonored puts choice in the hands of the player in nearly every element--gameplay, level progression, even storytelling. Dishonored is one of the greatest new IPs in recent history, and one of the best games of the year.

We like

  • Options in just about every element of the game
  • Clever abilities and engaging gameplay
  • Excellent level design

We dislike

  • Minor control issues with platforming
  • Interesting art style, but just fair graphics
  • Some disjointed story elements

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(continued from previous page) ...perimeter check. Once you actually engage enemies, they can be tough opponents, blocking your sword hacks, or charging as you reload.

There are a lot of save slots for a good reason; you'll want to save frequently. Since you'll have several options per level, per encounter, you may want to load an old save and change your decision. Then again, the game can be difficult, so if you run into a situation where you get killed immediately after the start of a recent save and are without health potions, you'll need to find an old save (or even past auto-save) to give yourself another shot.

Dishonored is a game that deserves multiple playthroughs, and luckily the core mechanics are solid enough to provide unique experiences every time you play. It may not have that same magic as big brothers like BioShock, but it's more than worth your time and money. You can choose to play as a stealth master, a murdering hooligan, or a magic assassin. Or, you can mix it all together until you find your perfect blend. However you play, you'll be rewarded with an interesting story, solid gameplay, a clever art style, great characters, and more options than a Sunday buffet. Dishonored may be a new IP, but it's here to stay and a welcome addition as one of our absolute favorites of the year.

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  • Related game: Dishonoured

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