Massive Street Fighter x Tekken update incoming

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that Street Fighter x Tekken will receive a significant update just before Christmas.

Arriving in mid-December, Version 2013 is set to include a number of changes to the crossover fighter, some of which are detailed below (via Shoryuken)

System Changes

Standard throws are faster, and now have a 5F start-up, rather than the 7F start-up in previous versions.
Anti-air techniques for Tekken characters have been improved.
Recoverable health regenerates at a slower rater, reducing the number of timeouts.
Recoverable health has a more distinct color.
The cinematic camera during Boost Combos has been changed, giving battles a speedier feel.
The visual effect while Gems are active has been changed.
The “Fight” message at the start of each round disappears faster.

Character Changes

Ken: ’Shippu Jinraikyaku’ now has greater forward movement and increased damage.
Kazuya: ’EX Wind God Fist’ now has full invincibility from the start-up to the end of active frames.
M. Bison: ’Knee Press Nightmare” is now projectile-invincible.
Bob and Paul: Walk speed is now faster.

Stay tuned to for more updates.

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