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The LittleBigPlanet universe enters the kart racing genre with some style. Great art style, impressive track design, competitive racing and infinite replay value.

We like

  • Striking art design that LBP fans will appreciate, as well as a stunning soundtrack.
  • Collecting stuff is as addictive as ever and the races are ultra-competitive and fun thanks to some excellent power-ups and level design.
  • Tons of customisation thanks to a great tool-set and great tutorials to help out. You're only limited by your imagination.

We dislike

  • Long loading times prior to each race can get a little irritating.
  • Races can feel a little slow compared to karting greats, such as Mario Kart

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(continued from previous page) ...LBP Karting pod, which is designed very much like the world hub in all LBP games, players can access the ‘Create’ options and change everything. If you’ve ever tried customisation in an LBP game before the set-up will be familiar, though may be daunting for newcomers. There’s a host of video tutorials though that explain the mass of options at your finger-tips extremely well before you embark on weapon cutomisation, choosing any object in the game and giving it a set of attributes, or creating an assortment of crazy looking SackBoy characters.

As you unlock more and more items, there’s an incredible amount of materials and objects that can be used to create your own tracks and these can be uploaded and shared with the LBP community. All the features of previous LBP games are present too, so you can vote on user-created tracks and not waste too much effort downloading some of the hundreds of tracks that just won’t be worth your time.

Overall, LBP Karting plays pretty much like any other decent kart racing game we’ve played. However, the addition of collectible bubbles and platforming elements delivers a fresh impetus, while the LBP style gives it an aesthetically pleasing appeal. What makes this karting game extra special though is the customisation options. Everyone should really try to create a track because there’s a brilliant tool-set on offer allowing you to be creative and let your imagination run free. LBP Karting is a lot of fun to play and with every race playing out differently there’s an infinite amount of competitive kart racing shenanigans to enjoy.


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