Guardians of Middle-Earth Review

  • Posted December 10th, 2012 at 05:52 EDT by Dane Smith

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Guardians of Middle-Earth

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A refined competitive strategy game that combines the high-paced action of League of Legends with RPG elements to add depth and more strategy after endless games.

We like

  • Endless customization and depth
  • Competitive professional-level gameplay
  • The ability to team up with friends

We dislike

  • The bland PS2-era graphics
  • The lack of maps
  • Zero single-player or story

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(continued from previous page) ...but trying to weave through combat while aiming with the right stick and needing to press square at the same time without letting go of the right stick gets annoying, especially since the targeting cursor will change direction to where you are moving immediately after letting go of the right stick.

What keeps the Guardians of Middle-Earth fresh each time you play it are the RPG elements that add depth to the game. Win or lose you will gain money and ranking points to level up your profile, unlocking extra abilities, relics and gems for equipping on your character. As your character levels in the match, equipped gems will unlock their powers every 2nd level if attached singularly, and an additional relic ability will unlock if you are using a relic. It is all about mapping when you think a given ability will be needed most, and how fast you can get the level required for unlocking it. You start every match at level one, so taking the time to plan your character is essential for long-term success. Do you want to be a glass cannon, dealing massive amounts of damage but can be taken down by Gollum? Or the walking tank that can shrug off Gandalf's thunderbolts at will? Those are some of the infinite decisions you will have to make as each match will have you analyzing your battle plans and tactics.

Overall this is the best attempt seen on the PS3 for a PC-like competitive strategy game that does not require the use of a mouse and keyboard. Monolith needs to fix the current connection issues, but once they are fixed don’t be surprised to see a healthy competitive scene emerge for this game or see it at a Major League Gaming event near you. This is a game for those wanting a competitive PC strategy experience on a console. If you love Lord of the Rings it will only add to the enjoyment, but as there is zero storyline to the game being a LOTR fan is not needed. However, if storyless pure strategy is not your kind of fun, then this is not the game for you as it is unforgivably hard with an ever-evolving metagame due to the infinite character builds and teams your random opponents will throw at you.

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