Holiday Guide: 7 games for your new PS Vita

  • Posted December 14th, 2012 at 13:30 EDT by Kyle Prahl

(continued from previous page) the video game medium. That says nothing about the game's puzzles, which are no-holds-barred difficult and make for the perfect travel companions. Virtue's Last Reward is unlike anything you've played, but if you want to test the limits of what video games are capable of, it should be the first one on your list. $39.99, Rated M for Mature

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Our review

SuperBot Entertainment's love letter to PlayStation fans is not only a great send-up of the characters and franchises we love, but an uber-polished fighting game with loads of accessibility and strategic depth. Plus, it's network features are some of the most sophisticated around, allowing you to sync profile and character data back-and-forth between the PS Vita and PS3 version with a simple sign-in. Cross-compatibility ensures that PS Vita and PS3 players can duke it out in any environment, and with Cross-Buy, you can even get both versions for the price of one. There is no better celebration of PlayStation history on the market today, and no better evidence for PS Vita's ability to offer console-quality gaming on-the-go. $39.99, $35.99 PlayStation Network, $59.99 (PS3 purchase, includes PS Vita version), rated T for Teen

PlayStation Plus (wait, what?)

The seventh "game" on our list isn't actually a game, but it's impossible NOT to recommend Sony's subscription service to every new PS Vita owner. The reason is simple: as a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you have access to the Instant Game Collection - no less than six excellent titles available for download at any time, with new games waiting to be cycled in. The launch titles are no slouches either, and would've made for easy recommendations in our list proper. Click the links below for our reviews of each, and know that if you're not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you're missing out on the best deal in gaming - discounts, exclusive betas, and save file syncing notwithstanding.

PS Plus Instant Game Collection includes:
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
WipEout 2048
- Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!
- Jet Set Radio
- Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (PSP)

With this list of games (and service), we hope you enjoy every minute of whichever holiday you celebrate with PS Vita in hand. If you already own one, be sure to drop a comment below and let other readers know what games and goodies we missed in the list above.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at PSU!

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