Why Sony needs to invest in Japanese studios

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(continued from previous page) ...pull some strings in order to get games on its platforms and maybe even exclusively. Maybe then the fabled Final Fantasy VII remake would happen? Then, if the opportunity arises, buy it out and absorb Square-Enix into Sony and have the likes of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and the Eidos franchises as part of the library. Final Fantasy has global appeal and Dragon Quest is even bigger in Japan. Those along with the Eidos studios would bring a large amount of content onto Sony platforms exclusively and make all of their platforms more compelling buys. It wouldn't be easy or cheap but would sort out a lot of its problems.

Is buying Square-Enix the best option? Maybe. I think getting on the board at least would allow Sony to leverage that and get some exclusives which can push its systems in Japan, in particular. Imagine a new Vita exclusive Final Fantasy game, maybe the VII remake or VII-2. Hell FFXIII has two sequels and no one asked for those so why not give the best-selling Final Fantasy a sequel?


The Final Fantasy VII remake would be closer to reality if Sony had a larger stake in Square-Enix.

Whatever the case, Sony can't sustain three platforms simultaneously, especially when two of them will need new content in a consistent fashion, and appeal to the right markets. Sony is well positioned with its western studios to help the PS3 successor in the west but that will mean nothing for the Vita since the Japanese support will be severely limited and most of the western studios want little to do with a handheld. It's a shame really but what can Sony do? Force them?

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