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NHL 13
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Ice Hockey
Release Date (US):
September 11th, 2012
Release Date (UK):
September 13th, 2012
Online Players:
EA Canada
EA Sports
E10+ [Everyone 10+]
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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NHL 14 takes the ice in a new way, and it brings with it retro and new players alike with NHL 94 Mode. Even if the menus are slow and the AI is stupid, 14 is still a strong outing that any hardcore fan, as well as the retro and new, will gladly pick up and play.

We like

  • NHL 94 coaxes new and retro players to the ice
  • Live the Life digs deeper into player's lifestyle
  • Fighting is a right, not a privilege

We dislike

  • Slow menus bog down RPG-like experience
  • AI is shallow and unsophisticated
  • Collision Engine simplifies gameplay

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EA Sports has worked hard lately to make its sports games even more realistic. With updates to yearly franchises, including FIFA and Madden, the sports games are getting more than cosmetic upgrades. There's a clear mission to make our favorite sports titles play and look like the real deal. For the longtime fan of these games, the realistic gameplay is likely a welcome addition, but there's also that risk of alienating n...

NHL 13 News

  • Celebrate the return of the hockey season with NHL 13 trailer

    EA Sports is celebrating the return of the NHL season with an official NHL 13 trailer entitled "Start Your Season." Just as fans thought the season was all but doomed thanks to a labor dispute, it was recently announced that there will in fact be a 2012-13 NHL season, and it starts in ...

  • Canada getting an all new PS3 bundle

    Sony and EA have partnered to offer a NHL 13 PlayStation 3 bundle in Canada, according to the PS Blog. The bundle offers a $60 savings and includes a 320GB PS3 and a copy of NHL 13 for $299 at most major retailers. To help sweeten the deal, you'll get a free month trial of PlayStation Plus. If...

  • EA gives early look at NHL 13 gameplay in new video

    EA Sports today released a gameplay video for NHL 13, showing off some of the improvements in the hit hockey franchise. Gameplay Producer Ben Ross provides this first look at gameplay, including human and A.I. skill levels. There are a host of new features, but this video mostly shows about what...

  • Fresh NHL 13 screens hit the ice

    EA today released a new batch of NHL 13 screens that’ll give you a decent look at the new, sharper visuals and details in the game. What you won’t get a good taste of, however, is the brand-new skating engine used in NHL 13 that we toyed around with at E3. As we’ve said on our pod...

  • NHL 13 pre-order bonuses detailed

    Electronic Arts has revealed the various retailer pre-order bonuses for its hockey game this year, NHL 13. The extras include stat boosts for Be a Pro and EASHL player/goalie, sticks, gloves, skates and more.  Should you choose to pre-order, take note of the various options you have below. Or,...

  • Skill Stick changes teased in new NHL 13 video

    EA Sports today released a trailer for NHL 13, slated for release this September. The trailer teases some gameplay changes to the Skill Stick, which was introduced in NHL 07. We can expect to see more on this when a second trailer is released Wednesday, followed by the full unveil on Friday. ...

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