The demise of THQ: where each franchise is going, and what it means

  • Posted January 23rd, 2013 at 21:24 EDT by Kyle Prahl

(continued from previous page) ...interesting to note that Ubisoft made a (much smaller, $5.4 million) bid for Volition. Ubisoft isn't one to shy away from controversial game content, and they've got years of excellent multi-platform releases for a pedigree. I can't help but lament that Saints Row 4 didn't go to Yves and co., but Koch Media clearly wanted it - let's hope they treat it well.

Homefront sold to Crytek for $544,218

What's surprising about this sale isn't that Crytek purchased Homefront outright (the studio has been working on a Homefront sequel for some time), but that it sold for so little, and with no backup bidder to speak of. Homefront sold gangbusters in its first week of release, and one could argue that - in venerable Crytek's hands - the franchise's future is looking bright indeed. Of course, Kaos Studios developed the first entry, so Crytek UK (developer of Homefront 2 and co-developer of Crysis 2 and 3, alongside Crytek Frankfurt) still has something to prove. On PSU's Podcast Derailed, I guessed that Activision might target Homefront to strengthen its FPS stable by adopting the competition. We'll wait for the sequel's official reveal to draw any conclusions, but I'm glad Crytek will have free creative reign from here on out.

Metro sold to Koch Media for $5.87 million

Koch Media / Deep Silver clearly has less faith in the Metro brand than in Saints Row, but that's probably a fair judgment. 2010's Metro 2033 failed to make significant waves in the PC and Xbox 360 gaming communities, and Metro: Last Light's planned Q1 2013 launch has drawn little fanfare in recent months. You can bet that Metro will land on the desk of Deep Silver, which is actually an excellent home for it - assuming Techland takes up development duties, the lessons learned from Dead Island (another first-person post-apocalyptic shooter) should apply well to Metro's brand of survival horror and inventory management. Of course, handing Metro over to Techland and Deep Silver would snub 4A Games, so let's hope that employees and families suffer as little as possible in this transition period.

UPDATE: Deep Silver has confirmed via Twitter that it will be assisting Volition and 4A Games in development of Saints Row 4 and Metro: Last Light, respectively. Looks like 4A is in the clear!

South Park sold to Ubisoft for $3.26 million

Ubisoft made valiant attempts at numerous THQ assets in this auction, but came out with only two - THQ Montreal, and publishing rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth. To the best of our knowledge, Obsidian's hit-TV-show-turned-RPG is still scheduled for release on March 5, so South Park fans can breathe easy. Still, South Park Digital Studios can't be too pleased, as only yesterday we reported that the company was seeking to buy back rights to the game itself. High sales and warm reception could mean more triple-A South Park titles in the not-so-distant future, so let's keep our fingers crossed that Ubisoft manages to establish a good working relationship with Obsidian and South Park Digital Studios over the next couple months.

We've given you our thoughts on the various franchise acquisitions announced today in the demise of THQ. Of course, there are still many unanswered questions. What is the future of Darksiders, MX vs. ATV, and other THQ properties not sold at auction? How will the games and people affected by these sales fare? Drop a comment below and join the conversation by giving us your thoughts, fears, and predictions for the future of THQ and the games you care about. Then, hit up our official forums to discuss the matter with other gamers in our fine PSU community.


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