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Dokuro is a charming platform title featuring a unique aesthetic, challenging levels and strong replay value. Just be prepared to die a lot.

We like

  • The charming graphics and art style
  • The Challenging and rewarding gameplay
  • Lots of replay value

We dislike

  • The Princess's AI is poor
  • Combat feels limited compared to the rest of the game
  • Dying a lot

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(continued from previous page) ...button in the options, which I would personally recommend as I found myself changing mode by accident with the touch controls.

The prince mode also illuminates the background, giving colour to an otherwise black and white stage. The graphics are great on the Vita's screen and colour is used very well for enemies and objects which can be interacted with. This aesthetic is unique to Dokuro and gives the game real charm.

With well over 100 levels in total and plenty of Trophies to earn, including a Platinum, Dokuro will have you coming back time after time in order to complete it. Furthermore, as each level doesn't feel long winded you will keep on plugging away for hours until you get the low battery message on your Vita. However, don't expect to complete levels quickly first time round, but you will be thinking 'Just. One. More. Go.'

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