Urban Trials Freestyle Review

  • Posted February 25th, 2013 at 13:55 EDT by Dane Smith

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Urban Trials Freestyle

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Excitebike meets Wipeout in this challenging arcade racing game. Great for those short line-ups when five minutes need to be burned but lacks any deep reserve of nitro to keep the engines burning at full speed into first place glory.

We like

  • Simple but challenging gameplay
  • Growing difficulty curve
  • Innovative PSN integration

We dislike

  • No variety of game modes
  • Lack of a deep customization system
  • OCD is the only thing to bring you back once beaten

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(continued from previous page) ...It is one of those games that is easy to play, hard to master, and takes real skill to get good at. If you are looking for a challenge and something to spend five or ten minutes on at a time while waiting for the bus, then this game could be right up your alley as every stage is short and concise. However if you are looking for something that has deep simulation qualities, or to be played for hours on end, then look elsewhere for that bike to be tuned up because this is Excitebike meets Wipeout the game show. No frills, just spills and short bursts of fun to keep you from getting bored in the bus line.

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