DUST 514 Basic Skill Training

  • Posted February 27th, 2013 at 08:40 EDT by Alex Locher

(continued from previous page) ...weapon specific and class specific training based on your play style. Focussing on Sharpshooter is beneficial early on because it increases your weapon's max range by 25% at level V which can make a big difference in battle, especially if yours are the only bullets reaching their target. If you haven’t yet found your weapon, you should consider levelling the class specific skills first. With them you will be increasing the ammo, reload speed, range and CPU usage of ALL weapons in the class including sniper rifles, mass drivers, assault rifles, shotguns, swarm launchers and more. The following skills are the same for Sidearm, Light and Heavy weapon classes. When maxed out, each class can receive +40% more ammunition capacity, +25% faster reload speed, +40% weapon range and +40% reduced CPU usage.

Weapon Capacity V: +25 ammunition
Weapon Capacity Proficiency V: +15% ammunition
Weapon Rapid Reload V: +15% reload speed
Weapon Rapid Reload Proficiency V: +10% reload speed
Weapon Sharpshooter V: +25% effective range
Weapon Sharpshooter Proficiency V: +15% effective range
Weapon Upgrade V: -25% CPU usage
Weapon Upgrade Proficiency V: -15% CPU usage

Shield vs Armor

In DUST 514 mercenaries and vehicles have both armor and shield at their disposal. Both of these can be built up through skill training and modules but they act differently and have various trade-offs. While I have advocated boosting skills that raise your base armor and shield stats, you ought to consider which method of protection you will choose long term so that you can train to make that technology more effective and less resource consuming.


+ Regenerates without needing modules (passive healing)
+ It has a high recharge rate (passive)
+ No penalty in movement speed
+ Offers independent survivability in the field (you don’t need anyone to repair you)
- Scan signature increases with shield usage
- Higher CPU and PG consumption than armor
- Long recharge delay
- Lower overall increase (lower hp per module)
- You need more SP to get the +25% bonus shield capacity than you do for armor

+ It has module enabled active repairing of upto 5HP per second
+ Regen happens continually even in combat, unlike shields
+ Higher overall increase (more HP offered per module)
+ Lower overall CPU and PG consumption
+ Less SP is needed to get the +25% armor capacity
- Movement is hampered by the heavy armor plates
- Lower recharge rate (2-5hp/second v 20+ hp/second)
- Has to be repaired via repair tool or special hives

The repair tool can be equipped by anyone who has trained the skill, so while armor can't auto-regen quite as fast as shields, if you play with a good logistics mercenary you can take advantage of the cheaper nature of armor over shields, provided he/she repairs you between fire-fights. The best repair tool at the moment can repair 44 HP/s. Entry level models are able repair 25 HP/s.

That is also the downside of training in armor; ... (continued on next page)

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