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Jeremy McGrath's Offroad

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Jeremy McGrath's Offroad is a competent racer, though with numerous issues and little replay value, you may want to look elsewhere for your offroad kicks.

We like

  • The smooth 60fps gameplay
  • Fun driving mechanics
  • The responsive controls

We dislike

  • The lack of content
  • Poor presentation
  • The boring track design

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(continued from previous page) ...isn't bad, and some of the environments look good when tearing through at speed. However, the vehicle models have low res textures on them and the driver and co-driver models look like they've been ripped from a PSOne game. The game's sounds are fine but there's nothing particularly standout about them, and oddly enough there's no music during the races themselves. Luckily, if you have music stored on your PS3's hard drive then you can listen to that while playing. The game has little replay value ultimately, and with no one playing online and the 23 Championship races done quickly you will feel like you should move on to a different game.

All in all, Jeremy McGrath's Offroad is a competent racer but with little content and replay value it's hard to recommend it over other racers with much more content under the hood. If you feel compelled to take the plunge then you will find there's fun to be had, but little in the form of an actual challenge.

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