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  • Posted March 27th, 2013 at 13:44 EDT by Adam Dolge

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BioShock Infinite is a master class in storytelling. With exceedingly fun gameplay and combat, a beautifully intriguing world to explore, and an extremely impressive cast of characters, BioShock Infinite stands as one of the best first-person shooters ever made.

We like

  • Incredibly well-crafted atmosphere and intriguing world to explore
  • The terrific cast and thought-provoking story
  • The fun, easy-to-learn gameplay and combat

We dislike

  • The mediocre A.I.
  • Some minor glitches that break the smooth gameplay, storytelling
  • Like many great fantasy stories, some disjointed plot elements and holes create confusion

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(continued from previous page) ...more interesting through Columbia's skyline rail system. Early on in the game you grab this hook that serves you both during melee combat and riding the skyline. It's magnetic so you can easily grab onto the rails and ride it like an inverted rollercoaster. It's a blast to use the rails to escape a barrage of gun fire, drop onto Comstock's gunships, dismantle those enemies, and ride the rails back to deal with more baddies. There were a few times that I couldn't quite grab the rail when I needed, which ultimately led to my death. Luckily you never really die as Elizabeth finds a way to revive you for a small coin penalty. Once you get the hang of riding the skyline rails, it's a joy to explore the city from the air and even more fun to leap onto enemies and dismantle them in one blow.

The enemies are fairly varied and some definitely offer a challenge. The mechanical George Washington enemies serve up quite the punch and clever players should look for their weak spots instead of wasting mounds of ammo to barely penetrate their metal exterior. Other enemies are equipped with the same Vigors as Booker and strategy again is key. Use one of your Vigors to tame a mechanical Washington and make him your ally. He'll turn against other enemies like the baddies that hide behind cover while spraying RPGs in your face. There is a strategy to every battle.

Combat and gameplay are almost icing on the cake for BioShock Infinite. That may sound odd since this is a videogame after all. It is a fun experience, but you may not notice how much fun you are having if you are deeply engaged in the story and atmosphere. It is a shame then that there are a few plot holes really stand out and the ending--as incredible as it is--only adds more confusion.

BioShock Infinite didn't have the same impact on me as the original BioShock. That is, perhaps, to be expected for a sequel--especially a sequel that stands nearly completely on its own. However, BioShock Infinite is one of the only truly complete gaming experiences. It hits every beat just right and left me actually caring about the characters, intrigued by the mysterious city, and perplexed by the convoluted story. I can't wait to revisit Columbia and, more importantly, talk with someone about the ending and all those important plot points. You will too once you experience the epic adventure in BioShock Infinite.

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